Canon ST5204,Canon Service Tool V5204 (Original last version 2018)


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Warning! This utility Canon ST5204 can be used when printer is put in Service Mode only.
If You cant put printer in service mode – that means printer has damaged EEPROM and it must be reprogrammed by hardware resetter. In this case You dont need to buy this utility untill you fix hardware problem and can put printer in

Not Work With This Model
                            !!! Canon ST5204 does not reset the absorber in disposable models, exemple: E40x, E41x, IP28xx, MG24xx, MG25xx, MG29xx, MG30xx,iP2850

Reset Canon G1000 series,
Reset Canon G2000 series,
Reset Canon G3000 series,
Reset Canon G4000 series,

Reset Canon G1010 series,
Reset Canon G2010 series,
Reset Canon G3010 series,
Reset Canon G4010 series,

Reset Canon MX320/MX328,
Reset Canon MX330/MX338,
Reset Canon MX340/MX347/MX348,
Reset Canon MX350/MX357/MX358,
Reset Canon MX360 series,
Reset Canon MX370 series,
Reset Canon MX390 series,
Reset Canon MX410 series,
Reset Canon MX420 series,
Reset Canon MX430 series,
Reset Canon MX450 series,

And Many More Model

Canon Error 5b00 –

This Error Typically Represents Problem With Waste Link Counter OverFlowing. When this issue occurs on your Canon printer, the printer boots normally like every day but when you try to print or scan a document, the lamp starts flashing “Green” and “Orange” like 8-10 times in a row.

Canon Service Tool | How To Solves Error 5B00 On Printer Canon G1000, IP2770, MP258, IX6560, MG6170

Step 1 – Turn the printer off and on and if this does not clear the message your printer needs repair”. In this case, you need to turn the printer off and set your printer into the “service mode” position. You need to press and hold the power button for 5 seconds and let go off the button.
Step 2- Press the  Resume/Stop button five times. If you see the 2 LEDs powered on, assume that printer is already in the position of “service mode”. If you go into the “Devices and Printer” section in the control panel of your Windows computer, you will see the printer status as offline or not recognized the device and it will be shown as a new device. This method also works for the 5800 error.
Step 3- Now You need to run and Run the “Canon service tools program”.
Step 4- And go to the “EEPROM tab” and click on EEPROM status before you initiate the reset process on your printer. It will ask you about the paper source tray, by default it will be set to “rear tray”, leave it as it is and a notification saying “A function was finished” will appear on your computer screen.
Step 5 -Now, you need to do the printer reset. On check ink counter, choose “Main” and then click on the settings button. Then, the printer reset process will start running and it will take a few seconds.
** While it’s running the printer LED light will keep flashing. When the LED lamp stops flashing, it means that the printer has been successfully reset.
After the “Reset process’ is already completed, click on printer “EEPROM status” once again and the printing process of EEPROM status will take few moments to complete and it will be completed when the Power lamp stops flashing. After that click on Pro and then choose data to save option “EEPROM save”. Check it by using the program and you will see printer EEPROM will be already returned into 0%.

You can see before the reset process, the EEPROM status D = 100%, then after the reset process EEPROM status D turned to 000.0%. This way the reset process has been completed. Turn the printer off and then turn it back on again. The printer is good to go now and you can start using the printer as you have always used.

In Case Of Any Problem I can Help Remotely Over AnyDesk – Remote Desktop Software

             Important Notice
(Some Antivirus may block resetter put it exclusion folder or disable temporary if necessary)
The Software Work Only Windows PC

Service Tool (ST5204) Reset G Series 100% Tested File,

Service Tool ST5204,

Canon ST5204


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