Canon Service Tool V5306,Canon Service Tool 5.306,Canon ST5306 (Not Fake Ver.)


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Yes You Can Buy This version at Low Price That is fake ST5306 Be aware of that. You Can check our review before buy.

Canon Service Mode Tool Version 5.306 is a service program for Canon printers, the program allows you to reset the diaper counter (absorber) and other functions

Features of the program:

The program works only via USB on OS: Windows (No MAC)
Interface language: English

Attention! This Program is for One PC unlimited (you can change Windows)

 2019 (latest version)

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Attention Please !!

Careful Please Some Seller Sell Modified ST5306 That Is Not Original ST5306 Ask Any Question before buy

*This software is sent as a Download*

*You will receive a download link after purchase*

Warning! This utility Canon ST 5306 can be used when printer is put in Service Mode only.
If You cant put printer in service mode – that means printer has damaged EEPROM and it must be reprogrammed by hardware resetter. In this case You dont need to buy this utility untill you fix hardware problem and can put printer in Service Mode.

!!! Canon ST5204 does not reset the absorber in disposable models, exemple: E40x, E41x, IP28xx, MG24xx, MG25xx, MG29xx, MG30xx and any

Original program (all functions work correctly)
Full version (activating all functions)
Does not block the service mode in the printer (does not have a dll file) It is
tied exclusively to the PC hardware (you can change Windows)

!!! The program resets the absorber only if the printer is in the service mode (Service Mode), if the service mode of the printer is damaged – no program can reset the absorber anymore, then the only way out is the EEPROM IC reprogramming .

!!! The program does not reset the absorber in disposable models, for example: E40x, E41x, IP28xx, MG24xx, MG25xx, MG29xx, MG30xx, etc.

The program will work only on one computer under which you will receive a license key. Windows can be reinstalled. The computer configuration cannot be changed if you change the HDD or the CPU the program stops working fully and you have to buy a new license again.

Some antiviruses may swear at the program, so while working with the program it is worth turning them off or adding the program to exceptions.

(iB4100 series MB5400 series MB5100 series MB2700 series MB2100 series G3000 series G1000 series G2000 series MG6900 series MG7700 series MG6800 series MG5700 series MG3600 series E480 series MX490 series PRO-100S series PRO-10S series E460 series iP110 series MB5300 series MB5000 series iB4000 series MB2300 series MB2000 series MG7500 series MG6700 series MG6600 series MG5600 series MG2900 series E400 series E560 series MX530 series MX470 series iP8700 series iX6800 series iX6700 series MG3500 series MG6400 series MG5500 series MG7100 series iP2800 series MG6500 series P200 series MG2400 series MX920 series MX720 series MX520 series MX450 series E610 series MX390 series PRO-100 series MG6300 series MG5400 series MG4200 series MG3200 series E510 series MG2200 series MP230 series iP7200 series MX510 series MX430 series E600 series MX370 series MX890 series MX710 series MG8200 series MG6200 series MG5300 series MG4100 series MG3100 series E500 series MG2100 series iP4900 series MX880 series MX420 series MX410 series MX360 series iX6500 series MP280 series iP2700 series MP990 series MP640 series MP560 series MP550 series iX7000 series iP4700 series MX860 series MX330 series Pro9500II series Pro9000II series MP980 series MP630 series MP620 series MP540 series MP480 series MP260 series MP240 series MP190 series iP4600 series iP3600 series MP493 series MG8100 series MG6100 series MP495 series iP4800 series MX870 series MG5200 series MG5100 series MP490 series MP270 series MX320 series MG2500 series MP250 series GM2080 series GM2000 series G5080 series G5000 series G6080 series G6000 series TR703 series TS708 series TS700 series)


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