Canon Service Tool V4905 + Keygen


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Attention Please !!
Check Service Mode Fast Then Buy, If Service Mode Locked/Blocked Service Tool Not Work.

Canon Service Tool Error

Error 002 – does not support this function in this model printer
Error 005 – The program does not see the printer
Solution: Maybe you did not connect it via USB
Error 006 – the printer is not in the service mode
1 Wrong logged in the service mode
All new models enter the service mode – by pressing the Resume button 5 times
2 Service mode is dead
Why? : maybe someone has already tried to reset the absorber in this printer using an older version of the Service Tool
What then do? : only reconfigure the memory chip
Error 009 – the printer has an error
Solution: Save EEPROM and in EEPROM view the latest error

Canon Service Tool V4905 + Keygen

!!! The program resets the absorber only if the printer is in service mode (Service Mode), if the service mode of the printer is corrupted – which program does not already reset the absorber, then the output is only the firmware of the printer memory chips
!!! The program does not reset the absorber in disposable models, such as E400 series, MG24xx, MG25xx, etc.


 The program is unlimited and activated on your PC (You Need Disable Antivirus or Put The Folder Exclusion List )

 (# 1)  – is disposable printers and they are not provided by the manufacturer reset / replace the absorber


Delivery is by email
the program is sent to your  PayPal email / eBay Message
(Some Antivirus may block resetter put it exclusion folder or disable temporary if necessary)
As this is a digital download item, no refund will be offered for this item.


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